Deep Sleep Meditation #2 (Free)

I am going to guide you down into a restful and rejuvenating deep sleep.

It is common that a busy mind tries to keep you from making the leap from awake to sleep.

So, I am going to give you one last chance to think about those things.

One last chance to go through any worries, or concerns that you have, that are keeping you from getting a restful night’s sleep.

So, go ahead and think as hard as you can about anything that’s stuck in your mind.

But when you do this you only give each thought ONE chance to think about it, then you WILL let it go.

As each thought arises that keeps you from feeling relaxed … just patiently acknowledge it … and let it go ... drop it completely and let it fade away.

As you watch these thoughts coming, notice how less repetitive they get.

You are emptying these thoughts out by actively letting each of them go.

You have only a few moments longer to think of anything that’s left, then letting it go completely.

Only one last chance to see any thoughts coming in and leaving your mind, so that you can enjoy the restful deep sleep that you deserve.

And as these daily concerns fade, you find your body feels lighter.

You also find that your mind, too, feels lighter.

A gentle floating sensation sweeps over you, and you feel deeply relaxed. Good.

Now notice the slight sound of your gentle breath as it reminds you of a calm summer breeze.

Your breath slows a bit more ... you are very relaxed and ready to doze off into a beautiful sleep.

Allow your mind to drift and wander to the thought of a soft and fluffy pillow.

You may be lucky enough to be laying on one right now.

Just imagine this pillow and feel its softness supporting you.

Feeling how it was created just for you to rest your head upon.

The sound of my voice becomes distant now and the sensations of sleep are drawing very close now.

The frequency of sleeping sweeps over your mind and is a very pleasant feeling.

These gentle sensations come very naturally for you.

You sleep deeply and soundly. Like a baby.

You can barely notice your breath now because it has slowed to only what is needed for a deep

and restful sleep. This is completely natural, and it feels wonderful.

Now, just let my voice completely fade away ... and let the dreamy feeling flow.