Flow Breathwalk - Trigger #1 (Free)

Play Breathwalk sequence on headphones and follow cues for inhale and exhale. Match your every step with a music beat.

BreathWalk #1 includes two sequences:
- sequence with 4/4 breathing pattern (3 min)
- sequence with 4/4 breathing pattern (3 min)

Walking through nature & enjoying the view while breathing to music is an experience that will put you into a relaxing walking trance. A complete rejuvenation of your body, as well as your mind.

Goal of the Flow Breathwalk is to lower your breathing frequency, connect your steps with your breath and help you achieve conditions for flow through range of channels (sensomotoric, auditory, vagal, environmental), while delivering extra oxygenation to every cell of your body.

Inhale slowly through nose and exhale slowly through pursed lips. Pursed lips breathing technique (PLB) allows you to effectively control the length of exhale.

Flow PLB  Breathing technique tutorial
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