Flow Nirvana - Trigger set #1 (Free)

Enjoy your daily 10 min Nirvana Flow Trigger workout that will leave you fully stretched, strenghtened, oxygenated & ready to flow.

Trigger sets use multiple flow channels to induce flow by pulling you into the present moment accompanied by deep embodiment.

Nirvana Trigger set #1 includes the following sequences:

Rocket flower (4/4 breathing pattern)
Cat planking (4/8 breathing pattern)
Trance rollup (4/12 breathing pattern)

Workout should be at best performed in the morning or any time during the day (fit it in your daily schedule).

Inhale slowly through nose and exhale slowly through pursed lips. Pursed lips breathing technique (PLB) allows you to effectively control the length of exhale.

Flow PLB  Breathing technique tutorial
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