Thermoreceptive flow triggers - Cold shower ritual #1



Step 1:
Turn the water on, set to cold. It doesn’t have to be ice cold, just cold.
Step 2:
Start with feet first ... your feet will adjust to the temperature fastest so get them under the spray and work your lower as quickly as you can.
Step 3:
Then move to the hands ... get your hands and arms wet, then splash water over your torso. By now your legs and front should be thoroughly wet. 
Step 4:
Now get your head wet! You’re going to be be breathing heavily and involuntarily so be careful not to inhale any water through your nose or mouth.

You’re going to feel alright, like hey I can do this, but you’ve forgotten part of your body …

Step 5:
Move to your back last ... millions of nerve fibres are routed through spine so getting back wet is the hardest part.

You are going to feel a lot of sensations, almost an electrical charge crackling up and down our back. Get this wet last then finish washing and scrubbing.