Flow PLB Breathing technique (Free)

Over 80 % of people are breathing wrong and are under stress. This is one of the leading causes for many modern health problems, since sufficient oxygenation is vital for our survival.

This lesson will teach you how to breathe correctly, leading you to a slower and deeper daily breathing pattern (diaphragmatic with prolonged exhalation) that will replace shallow "default” breathing.

Diaphragmatic PLB - Pursed lip breathing technique with prolonged exhalation

*Keep inhaling until you hear an exhale cue
Your chest is expanding in all directions, but take care that your shoulders are down. Feel how your lower arm , which is on the upper part of your abdominals, is going a little bit out, because your diaphragma is lowering down.

Your core muscles are still 10-20 % contracted, so we do NOT push our abdominal wall out.

*Keep exhaling until you hear an inhale cue

Your chest is now lowering down towards pelvis and at the same time narrowing. Your fascial muscles are relaxed (cheeks), jaws* not pressed together, but slightly open, tongue relaxed.

On your hand in front of your mouth you can feel the different air flow pressures by different breathing rhythms.