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Welcome to the Flowhub .... your designated space for learning how to get into the state of flow, optimize the experience of it and turning it into a trait. Enjoy the vast collection of time tested Flow programs and Flow alignment triggers based on FlowCode that will help you achieve the optimal state.



On the "home page" - entry page, you are able to access most of the content through simple preview menus, giving you quick a way to your favourite flow triggers & programs.

Just simply click on either of the icons listed to access presented flow triggers or click on each of the main titles to access complete section with all of the included content.

Another way to navigate through is by using the "Basic menu" , which leads you directly to lessons, triggers, programs & new arrivals section, that cover all possible aspects of hacking into the state of flow. In desktop version you can find it at the top of the page, while in mobile version it is placed at the bottom of the screen for easier navigation.

We advise you to first learn about the FlowCode through different lessons, so you gain sufficient understanding what the flow state is and how to effectively use flow triggers & programs in daily practice.

We encourage you to pick and choose from a wide variety of flow triggers and programs and find your own best way how to hack into the state of flow.

The FlowHub7 was designed not as a prescription tool but as an aid ... it only shows you the door ... you are the one who has to walk through it.

By practicing more flow we internalize it and make it a reality. Start slowly and progress gradually, include at first one flow trigger per day ... try different ones ... then add two and use them in different situations to see how you react ... then commit yourself to programs or trigger sets on daily basis. And so forth, until flow triggering activities become an integral part of your daily routine.

Gradually and in balanced increments you will experience more and more flow ... you will experience how reality changes in flow ... how perception of yourself changes ... for the better ... it becomes more fluid ... and filled with meaning and purpose.

We wish to support your way into the flow. By giving feedbacks and comments you can directly participate in an improvement & further development, so we encourage you to send us comments & ideas to flow@nirvana.fitness

Let's flow together
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Learn about the latest cutting edge science behind flow

Learn about the FlowCode's revolutionary approach to hacking into the optimal state.

FlowHub 7 uses highly scientific yet simple approach and is built upon the knowledge & structure of the FlowCode.

It is a system that includes vast scientific knowledge base designed toward facilitating and sustaining optimal state of flow.

You will be learning about the science and logic behind and how to efficiently hack into the state of flow through amazing 35 video lessons.

Lessons explain what the flow state is, the FlowCode & principles of flow philosophy, the science behind flow state and creation of flow personality.

This step builds a reference to flow by giving you sufficient knowledge to successfuly embark on the next steps.

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the "FlowCode lessons"


Enjoy rich library of interventions

Pick and choose from wide variety of flow triggers and explore which work best for you. As we are all unique, some are more kinesthetic others more visual, third prefer voice or be guided through, there are over 500 options for you to explore:

  • Flow trigger sets using multiple flow channels
  • Sensory flow alignment triggers (vagal, sensomotoric, thermoreceptive, auditory, chemosensory, tactile & visual triggers)
  • Cognitive flow alignment triggers (mindsets, meditations, rituals, intentions & recall triggers)
  • Social flow alignment triggers
  • Environmental flow alignment triggers

Flow triggers are supported with instructional video, description, sound cues, music & info wall that makes it very easy to follow.

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the "Flow triggers"


Variety of different program setups for different uses

Embark on a journey of finding perfect fluidity in every situation you might find yourself in. You can find different programs based on activity at hand, situation like home, workplace, outdoor options or duration you are willing to commit yourself to.

Follow instructions within the program, while using direct links at the right to readily access the designated flow trigger.

Flow alignment programs are sets of applied interventions that are geared toward achieving the state of flow and based on scientific training principles.

FlowCode principles are integrated into every program ensuring a professional approach & wide variety of super effective flow interventions. Experience flow in every aspect of your life!

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the "Flow programs"


Take advantage of newly added flow programs & triggers

Check this section periodically for new triggers & programs in order to keep your motivation flowing with ever new possibilities, while being able to adapt the programs to your needs & preferences.

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Edit information & manage access

At the top right of your screen you are able to access your personal Flowhub 7 profile, where you can edit information, photo, social media links.

You can also manage your login information and follow general notifications on new arrivals, important information etc.

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Instant access to most liked flow triggers & programs

At the top right of your screen you are able to access "Favourites" section, where you can save your most frequent and liked flow triggers & programs. We encourage you to use this feature to combine flow triggers that suit you most and make it into your own daily routine.

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