Flow Anchoring - Light Meditation #1 (Free)

Take a few slow & relaxed breaths … close your eyes and focus on your breath.

As you exhale, let the tension leave your body.

Let other thoughts slip away. Let them flow away arising and disappearing.

Observe them.

Watch them without judgement.

Letting go of everything.

Start by remembering the feeling that you experienced, when you felt most joy, completely immersed & filled with meaning ... a moment in your life when you felt anything is possible and everything was going your way.

Now blend this feeling with a warm, bright & calming wave of light within your chest  … watch it as it grows and expands.

Filling up your whole body ... from head to toes … giving a warm feeling of deep presence, trust and confidence ...

Your body is now full of white bright light, you are feeling energized and calm  …

The light now starts to radiate out of the body as a jet stream ...filling up all of the space … all of the time, shining on everyone and everything … ending up in the infinity.

This is the feeling of the flow.

Stay in this feeling for as long as you wish.

When you are ready, slowly open your eyes