Mindful eating - The taste of flow (Free)


The experience of eating and being focused on the sensation of taste can be quite a powerful trigger for flow. The enjoyment it brings is a valuable daily dose of flow.

But as always, we need to pay attention to it.  Approaching tasting & eating in flow state brings us increased fulfillment.

Start by engaging all of your senses when selecting which foods to eat, how they look, feel, smell and taste.

Choose, prepare and cook meals with intention to experience the state of flow, first by preparing the meal and then by eating it.

Before you start to eat, pause and take a moment to acknowledge the labor that went into providing your meal, be it thanks to the farmers, the factory workers, the plants, the animals, the chefs, companions at the table or yourself.

Assure silence in the room, free of any distractions (TV, loud chatter ..), so you are able to fully immerse into the experience.

Now pay a full attention to the food ... its consistency, flavor, taste, and smell, and fully appreciate the moment.

Be mindful of the lifting of your hand / fork / spoon and the act of chewing the food itself. As you eat, fully immerse into the taste, fully focus on the tongue and the pleasurable sensation it brings.

Be in awe with the notion, that you are able to experience the taste at all, appreciate how many million litle things need to come together to make it hapen.

It is natural for the mind to wander; acknowledge these thoughts, and then see if you can gently return to your experience of eating.

 (Add “Flow recall trigger” for an extra boost & bonding of the flow)